Sunday, 9 December 2012


Hello girls,

My "bloggy" friend Mandy  (Daisy Moon Blogspot)  and I decided to do an advent swap and my beautifully wrapped
 "brown paper packages tied up with string" 
arrived in plenty of time for Dec 1st.

When  I opened day 1 I found this beautiful advent calender inside,

it's now hung up with little chocolate santas and coins in it's pockets.

These are days 2 to 8's presents, I did mean to take a pic of them daily but didn't!! 

Some lovely xmas fabric, lots of jingly bells, some EB hankies, and fabulous covered CK buttons,

and today, some lovely red spotty jam pot covers and tags, 

this is so much fun thanks Mandy.

Well that's week one over of the "dreaded moon boot"!!

I'm so glad I started Christmas shopping back in October getting things when I saw them, buying cards and gift wrap and organising food as now I can only go out if someone ferries me about as I can only stand for a short time.

Briefly what happened was, back in June while on holiday you may remember we went parascending and I landed on my bum, as I got up my right foot ever so slightly slipped and I thought nothing of it until the next day it was a bit sore.

Back home I was in so much pain in  the Achileas tendon that I went to the hospital where I was told to take paracetamol and ibrupen.

A couple of visits to the Drs followed and 6 sessions of physio, then at the 6 week check up I told the "very young physio"that  I was in so much pain and the tendon  was so swollen and she said "well it's just age and wear and tear" so I said "can't I have any more physio on it" and she replied "it wouldn't do any good"!!

So I asked if I just had to put up with it and she said "I'm afraid so"!!
 Then she said I could get a scan and a steroid injection if I wanted,  to ease the pain but I'd have to go on the waiting list of about 6 weeks.

I wasn't happy at waiting so long  so off she went to get the senior physio to have a look and she managed to get me an appointment for the scan in just 4 days....amazing eh?

After the scan the Dr said it was the worst injury to the Achilles tendon he's ever seen and it was so inflamed and he showed me the scan and it  was bright red and orange just like a flame.

2 days later I saw the orthopaedic surgeon who gave me the steroid injection, and I can't begin to tell you how much that hurt, and said I was to wear the "moon boot" for 6 weeks(in the old days it would have been a plaster pot and crutches) and rest the tendon as in this bad rainy weather if I was to slip over the tendon was now so bad it's ready to snap!!!

I don't like to cause a fuss but I'm not happy that I had to wait 5 months for a scan when I think the hospital should have x rayed it back at the beginning of July.

Anyway rant over, I'll show you what I've been up to while "sitting on my bum" next time!

Lucey xx


VintageVicki said...

I was wondering how you were getting one - you know I can sympathise so much with that boot wearing/resting lark.

Thinking back to last year I can see how I had so much time to craft/make/bake for christmas - I couldn't go out unless I was accompanied and like you couldn't walk far - though I did have crutches if anyone got to close ;)

Crafty Helen said...

I do hope that it settles down for you soon. I can so sympathyse with you as I've had a series of steroid injections into my shoulder.I had to be held up by a nurse as I frequently blacked out from the (what the consultant later described to me as) "exquisite pain". XX

Country Rabbit said...

i hope you get better soon, poor thing such pain-big hugs xx
ive had 3 major hip operations-spent quite a while in a wheel chair during my childhood/teens...i know what it feels like to be ferried around and rely on others/family...get better soon x lovely swapsie parcels x

Betty said...

Gosh I thought you had a straightforward fall - that is a very serious state of affairs and thank goodness you were persistent enough to get something done - hope it is soon healed.

Carol said...

I'm not surprised you aren't very happy at your treatment.. Sadly it seems to be the 'norm' now with the NHS, it ain't what it used to be!
Lovely advent gift, fom 'Daisy 'Moon'.
Hope you are soon recovered fom your tendon problem.
Carol xx

Kandi said...

I can't believe the time it has taken for them to get to the bottom of this for you but at least it is getting sorted now.
Lovely advent goodies doesn't it cheer up dreary December mornings :0)
Look after yourself lovely xx

Rubyred said...

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by.
I did love Columbia Rd and I can see why you do too! The Jessie Chorley shop was gorgeous, so many beautiful pretties!Loved Vintage Heaven too!
Hope your tendon starts to feel better soon, it must've been agony!
Really feel for you!
Rachel x