Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

There's something magical about Christmas Eve... 

After  a "full English breakfast" we'll have a lazy morning  then we'll get dressed and spend the afternoon at the local garden centre feeding the reindeer as they have a busy night ahead of them.

 Then we're all meeting up for mugs of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows before walking to church for the carol service at tea time.

So that's the plan for today and I can never decide If I should have an early night  or to wait up and hope to catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer......however much I try I always fall asleep just before he calls.....

Round guy
red suit
so cool
so cute
big smile
full pack
St Nick
he's back.

It's Christmas day in the morning...

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

Lucey xxx


Keri Gray said...

Merry Christmas Lemonade Kitty - lots of love from our family to yours - have a lovely day!

Kitty, Chris, Luca and Alfie xxx

Carol said...

Wishing you and your a very Happy Christmas.
Carol xx

Anne said...

I really think Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year. I am listening to the carol service from Kings on tv and catching up on a bit of blog reading before having a little tipple and (the plan is!) walking to church for midnight mass!
Hope you have a very happy Christmas.

Florence and Mary said...

I enjoy Christmas Eve just a little more than Christmas Day I must admit!

Merry Christmas

Victoria xx