Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Granny Chic Skirt

Hello me dears, 

what do you think of this 'ere skirt then??

Am I right in thinking gorgeous?

On Sunday I was browsing  t'internet when I come across "Tales of Ted and Agnes, frock shop open" so I clicked the button where there were the most gorgeous skirts to choose from all hand made by the lovely Rachelle.

When the parcel  arrived this morning there were no pictures of me carefully opening it, I just tore the paper off as quickly as I could eager to see what was inside, and I wasn't disappointed.

The pattern is called Rose and Peony and a long time ago I had the bedding and my sister had the wallpaper and curtains and now I'm wearing the skirt....upcycling at it's very best.

It has a lovely pink lace peeping out of the bottom and it fits like a glove,

how hard is it to try and take a picture of yourself in the mirror, this was the best of the bunch!

Everything went well  at the hospital yesterday just waiting for the swelling to go down and I can get back to normal again.

Lucey xx


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

It is absolutely beautiful and I want one! glad to see you are de-booted. Betty

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh how pretty is that, just need some lovely sunshine to go with it..heres hoping soon eh?.....oh leg looks to be getting better.Take care Teresa

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Perfect skirt! I have the same fabric, it's beautiful! Glad you are on the mend! :) x

Jille said...

I have those curtains in my living room! I could loose you if you visited! xx

Rose H (UK) said...

What a gorgeous skirt!
So pleased all went well with your op, hope the swelling soon subsides.
Rose H

Mezz said...

awesome skirt! nothing better then an upcycled vintage inspired floral piece of loveliness ariving in the post!

Mezz said...

oh, and love ur bunting too!

Primroses Attic said...

Floral skirt, beautiful.
Foot....not so! Hope you will be dancing around soon.

Kandi said...

Oh I recognise this, I'm sure I had it in one of my houses back in the early 90's, it's beautiful!
Glad it went well yesterday I was thinking of you, hope it heals well, look after yourself honey xx

Sheila said...

I hope you are on the mend now.
Love your pretty finds, i love browsing about the net for pretty things! And hand-made-thats perfect!x

Vintage Jane said...

I love your skirt ... so pretty. Like the cardi too!
M x

Carol said...

Fabulous skirt,, I had those curtauns too.
Glad your foot leg is recovering well.
Carol xx