Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I was going to remove the "falling snow" from my blog but we've had another light snow fall in the night so I shall leave it there for a while!  

On Saturday we had a ride up to Durham as I love a rummage round the vintage stalls, you never know what you might find lurking in corners, and I don't mean spiders!!

Hanging up was a rail of ladies tweedy jackets so, in near Baltic conditions I stripped off a few layers to try them on and "bingo" one was exactly what I was looking for to "vintage up" a bit.
What do you think, nice eh??

I've got the buttons, ribbons, watches and a few other  bits ready to sew on when it gets back from the dry cleaners and the best bit of all was it only cost.....£20....so I think a bargain was had there!!

On Sunday I knit a couple of pair of "wristees, red ones for a friend and these lovely "spring time" ones  for me, I can whip them up in a couple of hours and they're so warm,  last night I started knitting the scarf to match.

Talking of last night did anyone see "Mrs Brown's Boys??  
The funniest thing ever,
Monday night's just won't be the same!!

Lucey x


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

I love your wristies. Tweedy jackets are a real classic - you can't go wrong - what a bargain - hope you will show when you have it all dressed up. Betty x p.s. I'm doing a swap if you're in the mood.

Vintage Jane said...

Looking foward to seeing your Tweed jacket when you have 'vintaged' it! It's snowing lightly here now ...
M x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Daffodils, yay, spring won't be long (I'm ignoring the snow), look forward to seeing your jacket! :) x

Happy Harris said...

hey there hun...I am always on the lookout for tweed jackets but never seem to find them...so I am so jealous ;) lol.

also what a brilliant knitter you are, I am totally useless...but I love your creations...

you are so rignt...Monday nights won't ever be the same and when the guy said at the end that the series wont be back until Christmas!!! I nearly started crying :(

Speak soon my lovely xx

Love Happy xx

Knittings Nice! said...

Nice jacket.....Mrs. Browns boys absolutely hillllaaarrriooouuusss I laugh till I ache. No snow here in Sussex might have a flurry later today....lovely daffs, got loads coming up around my two apple trees in front garden.

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous wrist warmers - they'd take me a month of Sundays to produce just one!!

Mrs Brown was brilliant last night - I laughed so much - what will we do next week?

Primroses Attic said...

Lovely wrist warmers,you need them today. It's freezing in Cornwall but No snow at the moment...Fingers crossed for some sun.

Kandi said...

Wow gorgeous find! I love a rummage at the vintage stall at the back of the indoor market in Durham. Can't wait to see your jacket all countrified up :0) xxx

Miss Muggins said...

I love the wristees too! Did you follow a pattern or did you make it up yourself?