Friday, 8 February 2013

The Vintage Jacket

Brrrr, just been out with the dogs and it's certainly a chilly one tonight or is that just because I've been sat round  the fire sewing all afternoon!!

Remember the tweed jacket I got from the market?

well after stitching on a rainbow of buttons, 

a length of vintage lace,

and a little belt at the back,

it now looks like this,

 and the front.

I think I might sew a patch or two on the front as it still looks a bit "brown" although there's lovely red, green and blue threads running through it, it looks like it's been quite an expensive jacket in it's day.

I picked up the English Home mag in the supermarket there's some lovely homes in there and a free packet of Love in a Mist seeds, inside there's a leaflet saying there's an offer on, 5 issues for £5, yes please!!

I've also decided to renovate an old dolls house just waiting for the  wallpaper to arrive, 
so that's my weekend sorted, hope you enjoy yours, what ever you're doing.

Lucey x


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

How unexpected and fun your jacket is! I hope we might have a peep at your dollshouse - I confess to buying one from Early Learning for my oldest boy when he was very small - mainly so I could decorate and carpet it with samples from home decor catalogues for my own indulgence! He used it as a multistorey garage but for me it was true escapism when I had it to myself in odd moments! have fund with yours. Betty x

Anne said...

The jacket looks great now and very designer one off!
I havent seen that magazine, it looks a good one and if you can get 5 issues for £5 its a good bargain too.

Rose H (UK) said...

You've certainly jollied up that jacket, it's fab!
Rose H

Knittings Nice! said...

Wow, certainly spruced up the jacket. Must get the mag as free seeds for my bungalow garden a serious must.

Polly Dolly said...

That jacket looks really cute. Sounds like a perfect winters weekend sewing in front of the fire xx

My Norfolk Life said...

That's such a good idea - your jacket looks amazing!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Anybody who loves the style of Julie Arkell is a friend of mine! Love the whimsically embellished jacket. Truly divine!
Teresa in California

Lisa D said...

Great Idea! ....

Carol said...

Your jacket looks brilliant, what a transformation. How about flowery elbow patches too?
Carol xx

Carol said...

That is a great jacket, love it. I did the odd button thing to a black cardi it really added some fun to it. I have wanted to do this to a jacket myself but not found a suitable vintage jacket yet. this weekend is crocheting for me! Cxx

Greenorchid said...

Great Quirky feel and now so personally yours... smiles Cass