Sunday, 1 September 2013

Blue Sugar Bags

Usually just as the kids go back to school Mr sunshine makes an appearance for a couple of weeks after being indoors for most of the school holidays, but not so this year.
Just for a change he's been out every day for at least a couple of months, the kids are "brown as berries" as my old nan used to say and we've been able to have days out, picnics and bike rides without the obligatory cardys, wellies and umbrellas filling our bags!

We spent a day cycling into York (after parking in the park and ride) where a couple of my favourite shops are, "Ramshambles" sells gorgeous wools and I picked up a few hanks of  "blue faced Leicester" for some Christmas presents I want to knit.
This is the first of a pair of cushions, I'm reversing the colours for the other one,
 and this is a sneaky peek of a scarf to slip into my sisters stocking!
Further down the shambles is "Flax and twine" which to be honest doesn't look much from the outside but   the back of the shop is  filled to the rafters with all things vintage.....just up my street!!

"something for everyone"
"from days gone by"
hidden on these shelves were some treasures that had to come home with me,
I love these little blue sugar bags holding 8oz of sugar, just imagine the grocers shelves full of paper bags and packets....
and a mixed silver paper bag from a bank...there were no plastic way back then,
and an old brown paper carrier with string handles that I''ve hung on my new peg rail in the hall,
they were the days.....
Lucey x
PS sorry to mention the "C" word in September but it's never too early to start knitting!!


Swallow Barn said...

that cushion is amazing - I am totally in awe! how do you do that - I'm just amazed!

Streetcomber said...

Beautiful knitting! Also loved your visit to the shops in York, and I really like the blue sugar bags x

Victoria Eales said...

Don't feel bad about mentioning the C word - I brought 2 Christmas presents today!


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Your knitting is amazing, I love the scarf and cushion. Bettyx

Sharon said...

Love that scarf so much, the shop looks amazing.
I also love the bike in your side bar, Ive just ordered one similar to it.x

Mrs Bertimus said...

Incredible knitting!