Monday, 16 September 2013

Jelly Moulds

After seeing some "jelly mould" lights for sale in a shop I decided to make some,  when I say "I" what I really mean is  "my nephew who is an electrician" made them for me!!
He gave me a list for a few bits and pieces that we'd need and popped round one afternoon last week to make and wire them up for us and after a bit of "drilling and wiring" an hour or two later  they were up.
They're lovely and  bright and we probably could have just had one  on each side but  as I have a large collection of moulds I thought we'd go for two.
These are some of my  moulds that I usually have dotted about the kitchen,  now it's darker it's time to draw the curtains and light some candles so I thought use some of the glass moulds,
 I got these battery operated tea lights from Poundland ( 4 lights for a pound) much safer than lit candles  with 3 dogs mooching about the room
and they look good turned upside down with the lights underneath
and  they give off a nice warm glow.
I saw some knickerbocker glory glasses filled with vanilla scented candles today I might have to have one or two for the kitchen windowsill....upcycling at it's very best!
Lucey xx


Ali said...

What a fab idea!!

Streetcomber said...

They look brilliant!

Tilly Rose said...

What a lovely idea!
Love the soft glow as well...
Tilly x

Plain Jane said...

I must admit I'd never seen the point of those battery tea lights before but I love the idea of putting them under the moulds! Brilliant x Jane

thriftwood said...

Really lovely idea! I have the Poundland tealights too, they are really good value and last forever, but I randomly find them 'on' when they've been turned 'off'!

Love Claire xx

Primroses Attic said...

They are vintage but now they have been up cycled they look modern.

Thea said...

They look great, what a fab idea
I shall keep a look out for the little candles
Thea x

Sheila said...

Oh my gosh, too cute for words! You are so lukcy!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

These are fantastic, love them! :) x

Mrs Bertimus said...

Fab idea! Your home looks so cosy!

Victoria Eales said...

These look so good!