Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cottage In The Town

 Mr sunshine is just lurking behind the clouds and I'm still in my pj's pottering about so I thought I'd show you what we've been doing.

First we decorated the snug, one wall has the CK roses wallpaper on and the rest  are painted white, I love the wallpaper it really brightens the room up and on a night it feels all cosy with candles lit 
which was just  the look I was after in this little room at the top of the house!.
The crinoline ladies were cut from an old tablecloth and  stuck  into the box frames that I already had and  I found some new postcards for the big frame,
 I have loads of lovely postcards so I stuck some along the top of the door frames
it's a good way to display them  and I can  change them with the seasons.
The shelf belonged to my sister and was pine so I gave it a couple of coats of white paint and found some nice things to display on it and got a new carpet laid,
the house martins were nesting just above the doors and you could hear them chirping and hear the bells from the church down the road......sounds like a cottage in the country doesn't it.....I wish!! 
Then it was time to paint the staircase it seemed like a never ending job as I painted all 66 spindles!!
We were  desperate for a new carpet and I fancied a patterned one this time
and with the new peg rail in place that was  another room ticked off the list!!
 Finally it was the bedroom's turn, 
I got the CK roses  bedding  but instead of wallpaper we decided to paint the wall behind the bed blue and the other 3  white and I'm really pleased with how everything's turned out,
cosy "eidy" at the bottom of the bed ready for the chilly nights,
a little bit of  seaside going on here
en suite in the corner of the room,
 and the other side
 now I'm just waiting for the electrician to turn these jelly moulds into bedside lights and I think I'm done.....for now!!
Lucey x


Victoria Eales said...

It all looks so homely!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Flipping gorgeous. I've been putting off painting the spindles on our staircase for some years now.... I love the idea of jelly moulds for light shades. Can't wait to see them in all their glory. xx

Ali said...

I love your style - your home is perfect xx

Anonymous said...

Lucey it all looks lovely so pretty and fresh..I have been painting too it must be the time of year for sprucing up !!
Thea xx

Noelle the dreamer said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing, your hardwork paid off!

YorkshireKaren said...

Lucey your house looks beautiful, I wish I lived there!

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Ohhh, I liked everything! I really like that carpet, never seen one like it before, it's very pretty!
Liked the sign, "make tea not war" too. Wished our President would adhere to that!!
Thanks for sharing!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Wow! What a fab home!

Vintage Jane said...

Gosh, you have been busy and it all looks so pretty ... just lovely! M x

The Custards said...

You have been very busy indeed - some creative thinking going on there
Best wishes