Monday, 12 September 2011

More on the WI...

Good afternoon everyone, it's not good weather wise is it with billy wind blowing his hardest, the workmen on site got a good look at tomorrows washing as I was bringing the bin in!! My skirt was somewhere around my neck showing everyone my knickers good job they were clean!!

I finished my wrist warmers and I'm very pleased with them

I took the photo in the mirror so that's my left hand, the frill is supposed to hang down but I think it looks better turned back

they're easy peasy to make, just two tubes with a slit for the thumb and a lace edge.

Well as you know last week I went to join the WI  and when I mentioned it to Rachel she decided to some with me so off we went to the church hall where  we were met at the door by a few ladies who smiled and said "hello". I explained that we had come as visitors with a view to joining so we were asked to pay our £2 were given a raffle ticket and we went into the hall.

As we went in I expected to see lovely bunches of home grown flowers in jam jars, maybe a table with home made goodies on and leaflets with things to do on but it was just a few chairs in rows and a table at the front.

(sunrise this morning)

A lovely lady called Dorothy assigned herself to "look after" us and briefly told us first there was Jerusalem then "the business" then a guest speaker and slide show on Durham cathedral and finally tea and social and she (Dorothy) did the teas.

After a little bit more chit chat I asked "what exactly does the WI do then?" Well not much she said because as you can see we range from 65 to 90 years old in this committee and I'm 80 and have been in the WI for 50 years.

She then explained they have a meeting once a month and also a day out to a country house or to the theatre and that's about it she said smiling, but we used to do things like keep fit and walking but not anymore. She then said they were probrably too old for us two but we'd be very welcome to join if we wanted to.

So we sang Jerusalem, someone read the minutes of the last meeting, they said how much they'd enjoyed the trip out to a  house and garden last month and then appologies from so and so who couldn't make it to the meeting.

We stayed for the slide show which was realy good, but by the time it had finished at 9.15  we had to leave as Rachel had to get back for the kids so we didn't have chance to have a cuppa and a chat but on the way out an elderly lady said "it's harvest festival next month if you want to come" and what does that entail we asked her and she replied "we just bring some produce and then buy it back again" but in a sort of  dejected voice if you know what I mean.

We said we will go next month as it might be a bit more lively but as for joining.....we were so dissapointed.

On a brighter note, this was Dylan last week,

in July he left his old victorian school along with all the otther kids as a brand new one was being built along the same road and then a couple of days before they were due to go back to the new school Rachel got a text saying the kids could have another week off as the new school wasn't ready for them, is that every kid's dream or what!!!

Mind you although he wouldn't admit it he was bored silly being off another week and this morning he was up at 6 with his uniform on and excitedly waiting for the bell to ring, so I'm just going round to see how his first day went.

Bye for now

Lucey x


Pomona said...

Maybe you need to take over and transform them - maybe have a bit of a recruiting drive? I love your gloves - really pretty. Hope you will come over and join in my giveaways (I have two on)!

Pomona x

Amanda said...

Shame about the WI. I was once a guest speaker, I talked about making and collecting teddy bears.

Kandi said...

What a shame, I've always fancied the WI too, I wonder if there are more dynamic meetings elsewhere?
You would think they would be delighted to have some new young blood.
Thanks for your comment, I am indeed from Durham and lived in the city for a good while. Got quite a suprise at how different it was when I had a good look about last week, still lovely though.
Gorgeous arm warmers
Kandi x

Sweet Williams said...

Loving the gloves and I did giggle about the "tomorrow's washing" comment!

Shame about the WI - I agree with previous comment that perhaps you should make it your mission to transform them!!!

Twiggy said...

What a shame, start your own branch !!!
Twiggy x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

This is what scares me, the prospect of going to a meeting like the one you have described. No doubt everyone is lovely, but it does sound a little disappointing :( But those hand warmers are beautiful xx

Isobel said...

Your wrist warmers are so beautiful!! Well done!

Jelly Jam said...

This made me laugh so much - and I needed it too! I think a takeover might be necessary.

Saphy said...

our village has 2 WI groups, which separates into an older group and a younger group. I am looking forward to speaking at a friends WI group after our charity cycle ride.I would love to spend a few evenings with some 65-80 year olds. just imagine the tales they can tell.

Romi and Bob said...

I think we are all maybe getting our hopes up with expectations of a trendy Mollie Makes type place. But maybe if you got more younger ones in and there was a mix ofold and young, it could be really fun. It must be harder for them as they are getting on a bit,so maybe they need youth and enthusiasm and some new ideas.Maybe try going back again and suggesting new ideas to them? x

Ali said...

What a shame about the wi maybe you could set up your owb YWI (younger womens institute??)

Country Rabbit said...

awww those hand warmers are so delightful x
Thanks for your sweet comment, it made me smile...i try to keep my bloggy cheerful- guess i dont want to make peps morbid even when my head is ;0)x ...your son looks so happy!
isnt it good when children are happy- it makes things worth while.
you need to set up a make do mend and natter groupy x

Anita Bonney said...

After calendar girls I thought the WI had gone all hip!

Lesley - The Bathtime Team

linda said...

Hi just wanted tp say thanks for your comments on our homespun and vintage fair blog. Please keep looking as we are in full swing of planning our christmas fair. Linda x