Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tea towels...

I was recently asked by the lovely al of if I'd like to try out one or two well just like a box of choccies I chose two of the best ones!!

My first choice just had to be "dip in" as I'm a great fan of both boiled eggs and soldiers  and ladybird books  I thought this would be an eggsellant (sorry) choice for the breakfast dishes,

and because I'm a real "sweetie" this tea towel made from linen would be perfect for afternoon tea dishes. As I've never used linen towels before I wasn't sure what they would dry like but they're realy absorbent, thanks ever so much Al.

The lovely Scott asked if they could feature my blog on "the best of the web" so I jotted down why I started blogging  and what I blog about  etc, you can find me featured along with many others at

I shall be drawing the winner of the pumpkin giveaway on saturday evening so there's still time to leave a comment if you would like it to be yours.

Bye for now,

Lucey x


Jem said...

Tea towels are one of those things like too many cups of tea or Maltesers aren't they!? Addictive!

Very keen on the boiled egg teatowel!

Jem xXx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the tts. In fact, I chose the same Ladybird one myself. I do like a good teatowel (I'm a little obsessed methinks!).

Pretty at Heart said...

Good choice!! I can't get enough of t-towels either! I also saw another blogger had made t-towels into cushion covers, which is something I am planning to do when I have a mo! (new unused ones of course)


Bee happy said...

Tea towels are great, you can never have too many and they are small enough for loads of them!!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Blueberry Heart said...

Love the egg tea towel! I go through soo many of these things, the quirkier the better!

BH x

bibbitybob said...

Hello back at you! So excited to be paired with you for the advent swap, have been having a look at your blog and got some ideas already :) x

Kitty M said...

haha I love the eggy one Lucey - I would have to remind my husband not to use these teatowels in the kitchen they are so lovely and just keep them for best!

Have a great weekend xxx