Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I must get stitching.

I was sitting with a cuppa round the fire last night when I decided to get the needles out again and make some more "wristies"
I've had so much wear out of these grey ones

so in a couple of hours I'd knitted these

I just cast on 40 stitches, using size 4 needles, and knit 50 rows then cast off, fold in half and stitch up leaving a hole for your thumb, so easy for beginners, and all you need are scraps of wool

I made these in cream and brown to go with a lovely aran cardigan that my sister gave me for christmas

but I didn't have anything to go with the cardigan so I sneaked off to York for a couple of hours and there just waiting for me in CK was this gorgeous dress, well I couldn't not buy it could I??

I "borrowed"one of Mr Lucey's wooden coat hangers to hang it on, I just need to cover it in a pretty fabric

maybe "stanley" will be just right!!

I've also got this cute little purse to make for Alexa's pennies  it was free in Mollie Makes, problem is I'm dead messy with the glue gun going everywhere but where it should,

and last on the list is the heart wreath I started at the classes in December

the beads are so tiny you need a good light to see them and the needle is so fine

this one is half done but I'll have them all  finished for next December, I hope!

Lucey x


Mantha said...

Ooh i know the feeling i was just thinking the same 'i must get stitching' i wanted to get my patchy quilt underway this morning but have been distracted by looking for a holiday to Egypt lol .. Lovely dress and wristlets ..
Have a great day :)
Mantha xx

Liz said...

I've nothing on my needles at the moment - those wrist thingies look just about right for an evening's knitting. Must give them a try!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Bee happy said...

Gorgeous wristies, dress and cardi they will look wonderful together :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kandi said...

Wow you clever thing those wristlets are gorgeous! I need to learn how to do the instarsia (sp?) as I've never done it before!
I love your new cardie and frock, beautiful!
Kandi x

Sally said...

I love your wristies! I think that will be a perfect project for me to take when watching swimming lessons this week! I have the same purse kit too ready to make, however I managed to superglue my fingers together on saturday (thank goodness for google) so might wait a bit before attempting anything involving strong adhesives! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! Sally x

Little House By The Sea said...

I love the wristies, they are so warm and yet practical when fastening childrens shoes laces..LOL.

Sarah x

Pretty at Heart said...

So most of that, including a Cath Kidston dress, was to go with a cardi!! I like your thinking!!
Very nice too!

Jelly Jam said...

Love your wristies. I'm very jealous, would love to be able to knock up things like that!

delia hornbook said...

That little heart wreath is lovely and will be lovely to bring out each year. Loving those wristies very cute and so is that cardigan its gorgeous. dee x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Nice to get yourself into some making again for the new year. The dress & cardi are lovely!