Thursday, 26 January 2012

A lovely surprise

Ohhhh yesterday I got a lovely surprise, there I was feeling ever so sorry for myself with a very sore throat and the sniffles, when the postie brought me  a parcel from my lovely friend Mandy from Daisy Moon blogspot.

Mandy sent me some  pieces of blanket in lovely ice cream colours so I can make some brooches and other things from, I have looked in the charity shops for ages but you just can't get blankets so I now have a piece in all the colours.

I also got this gorgeous hand sewn brooch that will go with just about everything in my wardrobe, I love it's blue velvet button in the middle,

and some pretty buttons and tape, the pink blanket has satin ribbon sewn round the edge and I have an idea for making a book out of it

I think I'll have a bath and put clean pj's on and get out my lovely sewing box my sister gave me and get creating this afternoon

it's a lovely "Dewhurst" set for displaying cottons in

it would have sat on the shop counter years ago ....they were the days!!

Love Lucey x


Mantha said...

Wow Lucey, those are such great gifts, nothing nicer than a hot bath and clean pj's when you feeling poorly.
Enjoy your crafty afternoon.
Mantha xx
p.s love that sewing box :)

Bee happy said...

What a lovely gift :) also love your sewing box. Hope you are cheered up with crafting and feel better real soon, sending you hugs and kisses :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jenni Swenson said...

Fabulous find... what great colors! Your blog is cute too!

dosierosie said...

very jealous of your box.

Rose H (UK) said...

What a lovely parcel :o)
Sorry you're feeling under the weather, I hope you're feeling much better very soon!
Rose H

claire said...

it's so lovely to get little gifts, and that sewing box....eeeeee....jealous!

Jenny at Red House said...

sorry you're not so well! pjs and sewing will cure anything! jennyx

Daisy said...

Glad you enjoyed your parcel. How lucky you are to have a sylko box full of gorgeous colours. Feel better.
See you soon.
Daisy xxx

Saphy said...

that is an amazing thread box. I love the satin trim on the blanket it reminds me of the ones we had when I was a child,I can still remember the feel of it as I stroked it with my finger and thumb. lucky you. x

Betty said...

I love your cotton reel box. Will look forward to seeing what you make with the blanket. Your little brook is very sweet. I often wear the little mohair brooch you made me. Bettyx

delia hornbook said...

Sorry your feeling poorly these blasted cold bugs are everywhere at the moment. What a lovely thoughtful gift, and that sewing box is super. Have a lovely weekend, dee x