Friday, 1 June 2012

Julie Arkel Postcard Scene In An Oxo Tin.

On sunday we drove to Great Ayton with Alexa,  it's a lovely village with a stream running through and  "Suggit's" is the best ice cream shop ever, there were  loads of people enjoying the sunshine, eating picnics and playing games.  After getting our "99's" we went to sit by the river just in time to see the start of the "duck race".... all 950 yellow plastic ducks!!

A net had been put up at the start line  and all the ducks placed behind it, the boy scouts lifted the net and they were off, I don't think the "real" ducks were too impressed at the invasion of their pond!!

When we got back I got out the oxo tin I got from Whitby to make a "scene" in,

it was a bit rusty inside so after a good wash out with soapy water I lined the sides with  card and on the back I stuck a piece of cream  wool blanket, then come  the fun bit!!

A Julie Arkell postcard  went on the back and I hung some teeny tiny pink baby dolls clothes on it


the bonnet is about the same size as a five pence piece so you can imagine how tiny the booties are, can you see the  pants sticking out from under the dress? I added a couple of cards of buttons and a key, which I found in my sister's dolls house,

there was also a  tiny fort and soldiers, the soldiers were painted by Mick, a friend's husband, many years ago, he used to paint them and sell them to a shop in London. The smallest  one on horseback at the back  is no taller than a finger nail, what patience eh.

The "soldiers"carpet is just a piece of hankie, far too nice to be blowing noses on, and I added some cream lace along the top, and that's it, my Julie Arkel postcard scene in an oxo tin!!

Also in Whitby we saw this gorgeous pram in a shop window

it makes a lovely centrepiece for the display, inside I bought the cutest, tiniest pair of baby socks to go with my booties that I'm going to embroider for the christmas tree up in the snug, here we are 1st of June and I'm thinking christmas allready!!!

Thank you to everyone for sharing my emthusiasm on my "draper's cupboard" in the last post, I've now lined the drawers in good old fashioned brown paper and I'm slowly starting  to fill them all up, hope that ceiling's strong enough!!!

Lucey x ".."


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh I love th tin - its great fun!
Juie xxxxxxx

Daisy said...

What a lovely idea full of treasures. You are so clever. xxx

Carol said...

What a great idea, love your scene in a tin.
Carol xx

Crafty Helen said...

Such a great idea, very creative. If it helps, I've had a few ideas cout the 'C' word too (think it was the June thing - 6 months from now etc.) XX

Poppins Creations said...

Wow, what a beautiful scene. I cant get my head around how small some of the things are.. just marvellous.

Are you enjoying the Jubilee celebrations? I'm having a Jubilee giveaway over on my blog if you would like to enter.. or share with someone you know might like it :)


Dorothy said...

ha, ha, I love the ducks going over the fall! What fun.
And that is the cutest oxo box, you are so talented.

made-and-found said...

Love your oxo tin, Lucey.Hope to meet you at the Vintage fair in Borrowby tomorrow if I can remember where Borrowby is.I know Ive been there but I'm rubbish with directions.
Anne x

delia hornbook said...

aahh that tin is cute what a great idea those little outfits must be so tiny. Love the little knitted booties those red ones are so cute, dee x

Rose H (UK) said...

I cannot imagine why I didn't comment on your drapers cupboard - It's GORGEOUS!
What a sweet postcard scene in your Oxo tin :o) The tin brings back childhood memories for me, Dad had some in his 'shed' for storing bits and bobs in along with a whole host of National Milk tins...