Thursday, 21 June 2012

We've had another day of wind and rain here in the North East  but to be honest I'm not bothered as tomorrow I shall be in the red hot sunshine for a whole fortnight....yipeeeee

Before I fly off to sunnier climes let me introduce you to some new friends of mine,

this is Jen  as in "pidjen"

and this little fellow is Jon  as in "Pidjon"

and here they are together,

Jon and Jen my feathered friends!!

The sun has gone to my head and I'm not even there yet!!!

See you in a couple of weeks

Lucey xx ".."


Carol said...

Jon and Jen are a cute couple!
Hope you have a lovely holiday, don't forget the sunscreen.
Carol xx

thriftwood said...

Have a lovely time! Xx

My Norfolk Life said...

They are amazing! Completely fabulous. Have a wonderful holiday.

Pretty at Heart said...

They are brill - do you knit them?? Oooh lucky you! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and bring some sun back for us!!

delia hornbook said...

You lucky lady ;-)) Enjoy it, dee x

Isobel said...

They are so cute!!! :)
Love their names.

Rose H (UK) said...

What fabulous birdies, they've made me smile :o)
Hope you're having a great holiday.
When you return please pop over for a quick visit - there's something waiting for you.
Rose H

Vintage Jane said...

Just found your lovely blog via Rose H ... look forward to reading more. M x

Second Hand Rose said...

Oh my god these look amazing and so well made! I'd adore one of these little beauties! XxxX

Simply Scandinavian said...

I love Jon! Have a wonderful holiday. Where are you off to? Oh I need a little sunshine to charge my batteries. Cx

Monkey Man said...

What a sweet couple they make :) I just found your blog, I hope you have a wonderful time in the sun and I look forward to getting to know you with your new post :)