Monday, 18 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Yesterday we were lucky enough to welcome The Olympic Torch to our Town where there was a real party atmosphere, 

there were police cars and bikes riding through with lights flashing and sirens going then there were young people giving out "beaters" that you banged together, there were flags and whistles 

and a coca cola van passed handing out little bottles of coke, some lucky people got a silver bottle.

Torch Relay 2012

There were huge cheers as the torch bearer ran past us,

we had a great view from the main road (we live just 2 mins from here) as I think everyone had gathered at the marina where it stopped for lunch before going onto the next Town.

Rachel made her dad a cake in the shape of a "sky" remote for father's say and Joe gave him an i tunes card so that was him a happy bunny 

and I found a lovely book to read

"A Bunch Of Sweet Peas"

based on a true story about a young parish minister who entered a sweet pea competition in 1911 where first prize was £1000!!

the pictures are lovely

cottage garden

Miss Jemima's sweetie shop,

there's nothing nicer than a jug of freshly picked sweet peas.......

Lucey xx ".."


lemonade kitty said...
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Pretty at Heart said...

All of these events bring together the communuity spirit don't they. Think the torch is coming near us when the children are at school!!

That cake is brill - bet he was a happy daddy!!

LaaLaa said...

Yay! You're appearing again, my dear! For a while now your new posts have appeared on my dashboard but I haven't been able to see them on your blog. I hope the ne Blogger has sorted you out. I'll email you back later and get your you know what in the post tomorrow. xx

Josie-Mary said...

The torch is great isn't it? It was in Exeter a month ago :) Lovely book x

dosierosie said...

The torch doesn't get to us until July 5th but am really looking forward to it and have planned where I'm going to stand.

Florence and Mary said...

That is such a good cake!

Victoria xx