Sunday, 8 June 2014

Jessie Chorley

Today was the day I should have been to Hope and Elvis on a Jessie Chorley workshop, circumstances meant I couldn't go but it also meant I made someone really happy by giving them my place.

So as I'm "confined to barracks" I thought I'd show you a few pictures.

Old paper money bags,

a basket full of shopping,

going for a picnic,

listening to the radio,

jelly mould lights,

it's time for a .....

train ride.

Cinderella's watch,

"spider" plant, grown from a cutting,
 who remembers these hanging in a macrame plant hanger?

"Pretending to be someone else"

in her blue summer dress,

a display on the table.

I'm going to spend the afternoon in the garden doing a bit of sewing and knitting a couple more honeycombs for the beekeepers quilt.

Lucey X


Sujata Aten said...

Sorry to hear that you had to miss the workshop today Jan. love your photos in this post. X

Mrs Bertimus said...

Hope all is well me dear x

Mrs Bertimus said...
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Victoria Eales said...

I love the waiting room sign, it's fantastic.


Anne said...

Ooh I remember the macrame plant hangers which had to have spider plants in them! I had a couple!

Keri Lou said...

LOVE the jelly mould lamps - they are fab! x