Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Postie Called Twice

Phew, it's been another scorcher of a day here and I'm lovin' it!!

I managed to get all the washing dried on the line, makes such a difference doesn't it drying washing outside, it comes in smelling all fresh and I need to iron it straightaway then  wash day is over and done with in a day.

The Postie called at the door twice, first with some gorgeous tins from Millie and Dottie's Emporium,

the digestive biscuit tin was given free back in the days of "His Majesty The King"

The little orange tin held children's cough pastilles... both were wrapped in green tissue paper and string  with a charming post card.

The second parcel come from Cath Kidson, 
I'd ordered some files to keep all my snippets and knitting patterns in,

two are flowered and two have budgies on and they're ever so "tweet"!!

And also a writing set (I do love a letter through the post) 

and the best bit was they were all in the sale.

The third parcel I had to collect from the GPO as I was out yesterday,
remember the lovely old "Boots" First Aid Case I got? it now holds a blue "eye wash" glass and a bandage that I got from MY Vintage World in Thirsk, a first aid booklet and some safety pins, it still needs a few more bits to fill it up.

As my Uncle would say, "segwaying" slightly, I've knit 2 poppy brooches for a friend, I think these are to be sold at a fair, 

sewn a tiny dress on linen to make into a brooch,

and managed  6 honeycombs out of the millions I need to make a blanket!!
I think that's going to be a looooong job.......

Lucey X


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Jan, love your new 'buys'. We were up in Northumberland last weekend and on the way back called at My Vintage World per your recommendation. SIL found a lovely framed print for a room she has been doing up and I picked up a couple of baby rabbit moulds and some Tala moulds. It is a lovely shop. Thanks for the tip off. X

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely purchases
Julie xxxxxxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

That honeycomb quilts going to be lovely, very snugly...might take a while though! :) x

Betty said...

Everything looks beautiful, you really are clever at making so many different things. I still treasure my green mohair brooch from the swap we did long ago. Your latest poppy brooches are really lovely. Betty

Carol said...

Love CK's budgies. Her sale is always very tempting.
The embroidered dress is gorgeous..
I've seen a lot of these tiny honeycombs, think I might need to make some of my own
Carol xx