Monday, 16 June 2014

Vintage Pop Up Shop

On Sunday we tootled down to Thirlby in Yorkshire to visit, 

where everything was set out beautifully by Jackie and  Sarah.
Lots of old items for the kitchen,

a garland made from hankies, lace and post cards, a lovely idea,

sweet little green cupboard,
as soon as I'd snapped a pic of it  a lovely lady bought it for her kitchen.

This pretty blue hut was outside, it would make a lovely hideaway at the bottom of the garden for spending warm Summer nights in......

 This lovely old "Quality Street"sweet jar had to come home with me to go beside my scales, as well as a big glass jelly mould and an a "Boots first aid case" to go with my collection.

After a cuppa and a cake all set out on little tables with embroidered tablecloths and china we set off down the road to Sowerby " open gardens", I do love a nosey round other peoples gardens and we weren't dissapointed.

They all had perfectly manicured lawns, bulging borders,

seating areas to catch the sunshine and a summerhouse to sit and enjoy the garden,

beautiful blowsy poppies growing beside the roses,

even the log store looked lovely filled up ready to be burned on winter fires.

We enjoyed another cuppa and bought a few plants before setting off home to light the barbecue and have a glass of wine....

The perfect way to spend a Sunday in June.

Lucey X


Ali said...

Oh how fab!!! - can I ask how you found out about them??? Was it just chance or did you see it advertised - I never seem to spot things like this xxx

lavender attic said...

What a lovely day! Walled gardens are my favourite - like the last but one piccy of the table and chairs in a walled corner with the climbing hydrangea. Hope you are well, keep in touch x

Keri Lou said...

What a gorgeous day Jan - we've got the Open Gardens in our neighboring village next weekend. They are doing scarecrows and comical characters as well - so I am looking forward to taking Luca!
Hope you are well x

Betty said...

You got some fabulous finds, what a lovely place.

Sujata Aten said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, I do like open gardens. Looks like you did enjoy your day out Jan. x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

How have I missed your lovely posts lately? I've just had a pleasant half hour with a cuppa catching up. Your latest post had me very interested as my DD and I are contemplating one of these in the very near future here in wildest Lincolnshire. Not sure if ours will be quite as lovely but we will try! On our way to Yorkshire this coming weekend so we might even manage a peek at that vintage shop in Thirsk. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week. X

Victoria Eales said...

I would've snapped that green cupboard up too - gorgeous colour.


Anne said...

There were some gorgeous goodies on offer there. I would have been very tempted.
Open garden visiting is one of my very favourite summer pastimes and especially where they sell cake and coffee too!